Covert Hypnosis Revealed
By Kevin Hogan

"Covert Hypnosis Gives You the Scientific Breakthrough and Ultimate Power To Covertly Control Minds, Change Behaviors And Hypnotically Make Anyone EAGER To Fulfill Your Every Desire...Without Them Ever Knowing It!

"Covert Hypnosis is the most powerful stuff I've EVER seen for selling, persuading, and motivating... -- Joe Vitale, known as one of the world's most powerful copywriters and marketing minds of all time, and New York Times best-selling author

The world's most successful people have closely-guarded these underground covert secrets. But now, you can finally get insider access and become one of them! (Newly Revised and Updated!)

From: Kevin Hogan, Psy.D


Dear Friend,

Covert Hypnosis Expert, Kevin Hogan

When was the last time you felt totally in control of the people around you?

What would it be like if you could possess the power of Covert Hypnosis to literally control anyone in any given situation?

How at ease and happy would you be?

If you have always wanted to know how to control people's minds and attitudes, then look no further. That is the essence of subtle influence.

In this underground book, you'll discover how to make people fulfill your dreams and meet your every desire with push-button simplicity!

And the best part is... they'll be very willing to do it all for you.

Does the power of hidden persuasion sound unbelievable?

It was a notion that originally seemed impossible to me...but I was wrong...

Now you can read the full story and get the facts about covert communication... because I guarantee you.. this scientific breakthrough has been tried, tested and proven to work in the real world.

Please make sure you read every word of this letter because the secret that can dramatically change your life is here. In 1998, when I coined the phrase Covert Hypnosis, there was a great deal of solid material on the market about NLP but there was nothing that went deep to the center of the nonconscious brain.

That's why I developed Covert Hypnosis.

But before you proceed, I want you to enter your top 3 things that you want others to do for you. (Please don't type their real names in the box.) Examples: I want my boss to give me a 30% salary raise, I want Jane to go with me on a date, I want XYZ Company to buy my product in bulk, etc. You name it...

Are you done writing your 3 "wishes?" Great!

Subtle Persuasion Imagine what would happen if you could use subtle persuasion to get anyone to do these 3 things (and anything else you could ever think of) by skillfully using the right words cues, impulses, or triggers, at just the right moment?

And would you be surprised if I told you that you can influence people even without saying a single word?

You can often turn "no" into "yes" with the simplest of gestures.

See that image of the pocket watch going back and forth? In the old days hypnosis practioners used hypnotic language and rudimentary suggestion to try to change minds.

Sometimes those obsolete tricks worked. More often they failed.

The world of covert persuasion has changed and now you have something far more magical in nature at your fingertips.

That's the power of covert hypnosis!

"The most powerful stuff I've EVER seen for selling, persuading, and motivating..."

"I got chills up my spine as I started flipping through your new book. I'm afraid I'm either going to have buy all rights to this thing from you and take it off the market, or buy all copies to keep you from selling it.

This material is the most powerful stuff I've EVER seen for selling, persuading, and motivating--- without anyone but you knowing it. Truly amazing. You've hit another one out of the park and over the stands."

-- Dr. Joe Vitale, known as one of the world's most powerful copywriters and marketing minds, star of The Secret movie and New York Times best-selling author

Did you know?

Almost everything you want in life requires acceptance, compliance or consent from other people. This is a universal rule. No exceptions.

You will accomplish nothing, or will have a very tough time accomplishing anything, if you're doing everything by yourself. You need other people to WANT to help YOU attain your every desire and accelerate success; that's a simple reality.

You need to be able to subtly persuade.

Unfortunately, you can't just expect them to just give you anything you want (or to do whatever you like them to do) any time you please, unless you can...

Control Their Minds and Change Their Behaviors!

Many of their behaviors are shaped by their genes, in their DNA.

What would happen if YOU had the power to connect with the part of the brain that is "driven by their DNA" so you can change their behavior? Not only is it possible, but unseen influence is scientifically proven and being used by a few selected people to have a dramatic edge over everyone else.

How exciting would it be to know exactly what they'll do or say next.

You can almost instantly program their mind with this technology to take the specific actions you want? Best part don't have to know anything about DNA!

Just imagine..

  • You will find out how to know what people are thinking.
  • You will learn to be in control of every communication you participate in.
  • They will demand to be with you, to want your input or buy from you. You will never sell anything again!
  • Your message is received without significant thought or resistance.
  • You get to subtlly change their minds without them being aware of it.

You have my personal guarantee. No one will ever recognize what you are "doing" as hypnosis or what they think hypnosis is. If you think that's interesting, wait 'til you read this...

"With only ONE sentence, I had the sale!"

I recently purchased Covert Hypnosis and absolutely love it. I sell security systems to small business owners. I was calling on a repair shop owner and after giving my presentation I asked for the sale.

He said his budget was really tight now but call in 6 months. That's when I remembered what you taught and with only ONE sentence, I had the sale! It blew me away. Thank you, thank you!

-- Andy Howland, Grand Rapids, MI

You are Now In Total Control!

People desire to have control over their lives, but it rarely happens. They're unable to accomplish anything because you see, they don't know how to persuade people to help them. Worse, they might be under the control of others.

This lack of control makes your life miserable.

YOU feel it in every aspect of life. You're sometimes more than a little angry at the world because you failed when others succeeded.

People who have no control have no chance to live their dream life. They hate their jobs, their relationships, their inability to handle situations, and their financial status, among others. Have you ever felt this way before?

If you've ever wondered how some people can attract massive success automatically like a magnet, it's because they have the ability to control people and their situation. And there's no other control tool more powerful than covert hypnosis!

Secret of the Top 20%

Aside from control, what is the difference between the top 20% of people who earn 80% of this world's money, and the 80% who earn 20% of the money?

Answer: The top 20% of people are experts at making every conversation a victory. They know how to ask questions that go straight to the needs and desires of others.

Successful people are experts at two things. One is the field in which they're communicating in, and the other is in communicating at the unconscious level.

You are now in control of other people's behavior and mindset by becoming a master communicator - consciously and unconconsciously.

"Your courses are the reason I made $32,000 last week...

I bought your Covert Hypnosis and Science of Influence and I thought I owed it to you to tell you that your courses are the reason I made $32,000 last week.

I used to lose a great deal of customers 'on the fence'. I thought it was just part of the deal, but I believe your courses have enabled me to get most of the ones 'on the fence'. Thank you!"

-- Mark Deaton, Twin Falls, ID

The Leading Covert Hypnosis and Body Language Expert

Hi, my name is Kevin Hogan. for the last 20 years I've studied what causes people to behave in very specific ways and how to generate those desired behaviors. the author of over a dozen books, including, The Psychology of Persuasion, which has sold over a million copies worldwide.

Just like you, I started from scratch. I learned all the old stuff with hit and miss results. Then I did the research, took it out to the real world and now profit massively from what I've discovered over the years!

What's better? I haven't stopped. I keep updating my field of Covert Hypnosis every year.

Today, I'm an international speaker and have given specialized training to employees of numerous Fortune 500 Companies. These include Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, Meespierson, Auntie Anne's, Novazymes, Cargill, Pillsbury, Carlson Companies, Fortis, Great Clips, the State of Minnesota, 3M, The United States Postal Service and many others.

I just got back from Poland where I spoke at The National Stadium. I've worked with the government of Poland. I've helped a number of key political figures in Washington D.C.

The press says that I'm the go to guy for everything related to reading a person.

In fact, the New York Post reported my analysis on the body language of former US President Bill Clinton regarding his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Soon after, I analyzed the nonverbal communication of Hilary Clinton, Judge Ken Starr, Starr's Staff, and numerous other figures in the news story of the year.

Later, I was consulted on the body language of Al Gore and George Bush for the BBC during the 2000 elections. Heck, I was the first person to go public and tell the sporting world that Cleveland would lose LeBron James to free agency.

I've used the power of Covert Hypnosis in a successful program to get little kids off drugs. I put together a modality that got inside of these kids' heads and literally changed their minds, against their will (to quit doing something they wanted to do - take drugs). This project was recognized by US President George Bush and Mrs. Ronald Reagan.

And yes, I've revealed this top secret information to the government of Poland to make strategies that fight the spread of HIV/AIDS.

I've shared my expertise about body language, persuasion and influence with all four major television networks and the nation's largest newspapers. They include the New York Times, Playboy, the BBC, Fox Television and dozens of popular magazines including Redbook, Success!, Selling Power, Cosmopolitan, Woman's World, Mademoiselle, First for Women, Psychologie Netherlands and Wprost.

I developed covert hypnosis, and have spent two decades researching and then training body language and persuasion after years of trials-and-error, And now, you can leverage from my knowledge and years of experience to accomplish your most desireed goals and dreams in no time!

If you want to shave many years off your learning curve, start on the right track and experience the full power, then you can count on me to give you the necessary covert communication talent you must have.

"My income increased 40%..."

Thanks for putting out the great information. I love it when Kevin brings out a new program - it means I'm going to earn more money.

My income increased 40% last year! I see great things in my future.

-- Tom Reilly-Smith, Ontario, Canada

How Does Covert Hypnosis Work?

I began with covert conditioning and have now developed this 18 year old technology. Covert Hypnosis is about changing people's minds and behavior intentionally.

Don't think for a moment that this is a spin on NLP.

NLP is not covert hypnosis. In fact, conversational hypnosis is not covert hypnosis. I developed Covert Hypnosis to share the science of human behavior, not a philosophy of mind.

This occurs with the use of subtle, subliminal or silent cues (or triggers) in the environment; from the use of space, time, nonverbal communication and sometimes words that prepare the mind to respond in a certain way.

It directs the mind into using motion, action, nonverbals, questions and priming - mostly things you can't see or hear.

Now here's the good part. Covert hypnosis is subtle influence that allows you to move people to a point where they seemingly can't control themselves.

Using covert hypnosis, you'll never hear a response such as, I don't think that's true, or,There's no way that can happen. Why? Because they'll unconsciously trust and believe you, often without even knowing why.

They just feel GOOD about YOU.

With this ability, you'll be able to paint a clear picture onto the landscape of another person's mind.

Are you beginning to realize what this can do to your life?

Many people think covert hypnosis is about language patterns. While that can be true perhaps 1% of the time, you don't need to ever use language patterns for invisible influence to be effective. I intentionally keep everything you've already learned about hypnosis OUT of this book. This material is cutting edge.

Once you master covert hypnosis, you have the ability to change the way people think - and decide - with the use of targeted questions. You get compliance when words would otherwise fail.

You get to maximize the important parts of nonverbal communication, which extends far beyond elementary body language and NLP.

Did you know?

Free! Covert Hypnosis and My Secret Persuasion Files

In this 8-day power course, you'll discover:

  • How to read people's minds and know what they will you'll be steps ahead of them.
  • How to apply covert persuasion tactical power.
  • 7 white-hot persuasion tactics that are guaranteed to work.
  • 10+ powerful strategies that bring them to YES in selling and everyday life!
  • You Magazine's exclusive interview with me, Kevin Hogan, on the science of silent communication.
  • The secret to mind control. How to tell their past and future, and accurately predict what people would do next!
  • 18 ways to handle the argumentative person.
  • How to influence minds through stories.
  • And more!

Please register below to get instant access:

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Biggest Challenge with Covert Hypnosis - Solved!

Covert hypnosis is a securely held body of knowledge. Those who know the secrets are not telling. If you hold something that can give you have an overwhelming edge over others, would you share this with the world? Most probably not.

The real masters of persuasion rarely publish their secrets in books, articles, or anywhere. If everyone knew these secrets, their techniques obviously would no longer be as powerful.

And even if someone was willing to mentor you:

  • How would you find them?
  • How would you approach them?
  • How would you get them to reveal their secrets?
  • How much would it cost you?
  • What questions would you ask?

It becomes more and more complicated... and time-consuming. But not anymore, because I'm finally revealing the secrets of covert hypnosis!

Now why would I share this powerful technology to the public? Because I know that once I give you this information, you would almost certainly be appreciative and want to do something nice for me or someone else. If you could earn $10,000 more money this year than last year from my methods, would you tell your friends about this book? Of course you would! That's The Law of Reciprocity at work. In 1995, I coined the phrase The Law of Reciprocity, to bear tribute to Dr. Robert Cialdini's valuable principle of reciprocation.

That's why I've made it super-easy for you. I know the secrets everyone is burning to know.

When you're able to tap inside the minds, attitudes, beliefs or emotions of people, you possess the key to getting anything you want. It's like having a magic lamp by your side, granting your wishes anytime you desire.

In this case, your knowledge of invisible influence allows you to make people fulfill your desires and dreams for you.. without hesitation, and even with the thought that they're gaining the upper hand.

Btw, this information might be helpful to you:

From No! to Yes! in a Heartbeat. The Facts of Asking for What You Want...and Getting It

"Would you prefer the full page at $2000 or the 1/4 page at $750?
I think I'll go with the 1/4 page.
OK great.

It was always this easy:

* Two options.
* Big price distinction.
* Customer purchased the smaller option almost all of the time.

Research shows that when people turn down a large request they often comply with a significantly smaller second request.

Of particular interest is the fact that if the second request is made by a different person than the first request, compliance tends to reduce.

Finally, the shorter duration of time between the two requests, the better chance of compliance. Best? If the request comes in the same conversation!

Is Covert Hypnosis Ethical?

That's entirely up to the person using the tools. You wield a very powerful sword. Please do the right thing. It means a lot to me that you do.

This new technology is like remote control for television. You press the buttons and instantly change the mental and emotional inner channels of people by channeling your communication in very specific desires and drives.

This is an incredible power that you must use with utmost care because you can change the outcome of any situation by changing people's way of thinking and decision process.

Can you get people to do things against their will with covert hypnosis?

Of course you can - whether in therapy, in business or at the bar on Friday night. That's what this has been designed to do - to get past resistance and reactance.

Against someone's will doesn't necessarily mean that they don't want X. It means they've folded or been unable to do X. The girl might say "no" not because she doesn't want to say yes, but because it's her emotional response to say no....This has to be disengaged for persuasion to happen. For that, you use covert hypnosis.

Please use your new skills ethically and legally, because this knowledge can be dangerous in the wrong hands. However, it can dramatically improve your life if you use it responsibly.

Just imagine your clients demanding that you sell them your products! With this ability, you'll never have to worry about what to do or say next.

Everything will happen according to your thinking. You can predict outcomes and events like Nostradamus, because you're in control of any situation!

Covert Hypnosis Gives You a Dramatic Edge

With covert hypnosis:

  • You get to be an unstoppable moneymaking sales machine.
  • You get to effectively lead and control any group of people.
  • You get to win the toughest negotiations.
  • You get to easily influence anyone to go out with you.
  • You get to have many friends who like, trust and believe you.
  • You get to be an in-demand speaker.
  • You get to be a highly paid copywriter or advertiser.
  • You get to have your dream job.
  • You get to persuade anyone to do anything for you!
Covert Hypnosis

The more you read, the more you'll realize how using covert hypnosis can put you on the winning edge of life.

Listen, you'll never know the amazing opportunities and possibilities that can happen until you've applied your new skills and talents to your everyday situations. I can guarantee you'll be astounded with its sheer simplicity and power.

If you're ready to become a world-class influencer in a way far superior to street hypnosis, then you'll be thrilled with all the mind-altering secrets I'm revealing in my 100,000 word book, Covert Hypnosis: An Operator's Manual.

Everything you'll read in this material has been thoroughly studied, researched and tested. What you're about to discover in the science an art of persuasion is new to you and unknown by everyone else.

It's written with clear examples pertaining to either therapy or selling situations; but of course, the steps apply equally to dating,teaching, training, relationships, social settings and simple everyday activities.

What Makes My Book Different from NLP Products?

Most products that say they are "covert hypnosis" are really about conversational hypnosis or NLP and require you to babble endlessly while someone else is supposed to sit their in rapture.

It's not real.

That's not what Covert Hypnosis is.

NLP and conversational hypnosis techniques require you to speak volumes to have control. But with covert hypnosis, you don't even have to speak to take control of other people's minds. Here you learn the core drivers of human behavior and ask one or perhaps two questions. Once you've mastered the technology it is quite simple, but I confess it is not a remedial study. It does require an intelligent mind to connect the dots!

Using covert hypnosis, you'll be able to control almost any scenario and subtly influence others to your way of thinking...quickly and sometimes instantly.

Others who have come and written and attempted to teach Covert Hypnosis, don't know how to measure what works and doesn't work.

They truly believe that what they experience is what will work for all. This is a recipe for failure. People who practice NLP alone rarely become successful, because the scope is too narrow and the bulk of the material is untested.

I'm sure you've experienced this by now as well.

It is what it is.

I did the research, applied the techniques in real selling/life experiences and have simplified them into easy-to-master concepts. All you have to do is push the right buttons and - people do what you want!

I give you hundreds of questions you can ask that will arouse a desire or urge in another person. No one else does this. And it's far more important than any of the "hypnotic language patterns" because questions produce desired states instead of resistance of patterns.

Persuade 40 Times Faster?!

I didn't think it was possible either.

I was given that challenge by a sales manager working for a billion dollar company. Specifically they were making bids on jobs and not finding out for MONTHS whether they would get the sale or not. It was ridiculous.

Using the tools and techniques you will learn, you'll turn months into days, days into hours and hours into minutes.

What you are about to learn greatly cuts the amount of time you have to use in the persuasion process. 30 seconds replaces two hours!

My personal motive is to show people how to persuade others quickly and effectively. The less resistance or reactance that is experienced, the better off everyone is.

Lightning-fast compliance is the name of the game in covert hypnosis.

It has to be. If people don't agree quickly, they regret their decisions later.

That's exactly what you get with this special download. You'll find out every necessary tactic from a real-world sales/influence speaker and author who profits daily from this information - and not some self-proclaimed expert trying to sell you something and only they profit.

In fact, I promise you that you will make more sales per call starting now, for the rest of your life.. guaranteed, if you apply the techniques in this book. Eveything in this book is tried, tested, and true. They are proven to work!

Why spend months (or years) muddling through the process of trial and error when you can learn from a successful internationally known speaker who has already finished that process FOR YOU? You can immediately benefit from what I've discovered in my real-world learning experiences.

"Brought my career to the next level..."

"Phenomenal! My first run through the COVERT HYPNOSIS Manual is so powerful & enriching. The knowledge within has empowered me and brought my career to the next level."

-- Christopher Horne, Minnesapolis, Minnesota

The Fast Track to "Yes"

What is the fastest way to reap the profits from covert hypnosis?

The best way is to get inside the mind of an expert. I first used covert hypnosis to successfully get kids off drugs and eventually our collective work was recognized by the first President Bush. Perhaps a question would be... how much would you trust me?

Now what's the slowest way to success? Buy lame how to and self-helpbo oks that give you all sorts of promises about getting anyone to do anything, anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, most of the people who publish those books have never tested - or profited from - the theories they sell you.

If you fall for their hype, you could end up spending years on trial and error; or worse, you might be using techniques that either don't work or could put you in trouble.

Would you not rather obtain a model that works, and have the absolute certainty that it does work, because you are modeling someone who has profited from the things you wish to achieve?

The Most Closely Guarded Secrets of Covert Hypnosis Revealed!

Underground secrets are the best kind. The kind that your competition doesn't know....yet! In my book (and in the related articles on my site), you'll discover:

  • 15 specific non-verbal communication techniques so you can control them through your actions alone.
  • The basic steps to become a master of covert hypnosis, so you can be in the top 20% who earn 80% of the money.
  • Secrets of the multi-billion dollar corporations to control the inborn genetic programming within each of us.
  • The Formula to find magic words of persuasion.
  • How to stand and sit with people, to ensure they will like you and believe your message.
  • How genes influence people's decisions and how to know in advance what they are.
  • The basic thinking process of covert conditioning.
  • The 53+ mind-altering words that change people's thinking and decision process (verbally and in print).
  • How to use 20 of the most powerful hypnotic language patterns ever spoken.
  • The 16 core desires of every person you meet, so you'll know how to satisfy their wants and urges. Knowing them makes motivating others and getting them to buy from you easy and instantaneous!
  • The 1 new secret metaprogram that no one has previously discovered.
  • Hypnotic questions that help you direct the thinking of others.
  • The startling truth about distraction and confusion.
  • How to use suggestion in changing the way people see and remember things.
  • 2 complete models for presenting material to others in a persuasive manner.
  • How to make minor alterations in your physical appearance to influence others.
  • How to tell a compelling story that covertly delivers your real message.
  • Covert techniques for breakthrough sports performance.
  • Surefire strategies for pre-hypnotic therapy.
  • How to double, triple, or quadruple your income using the power you now have in your hand!
  • How to know anyone's personality and true emotions just by looking into their eyes.
  • How to change people's minds by simply appealing to them at an instinctual level.
  • A secret to ensure your products and services stay in high demand.
  • How to develop loyalty to you that makes future selling a formality -guaranteed!
  • The unbreakable laws of persuasion. Most people are not aware of these laws, and it's costing them big time.
  • How your client decides and how to know in advance, so you can craft the perfect proposal proposal; most fitting to his needs and wants.
  • How to control the software installd in your client's mind.
  • How to make your client experience the pain of not working with you.
  • Easy-to-understand Mind Access Points to tap your clients' DNA.
  • How the enemy can make sales for you.
  • 10 highly-powerful persuasion strategies for the 21st century. These techniques work accurately every single time.. without fail.
  • How to reframe your request to get them to say YES; after they said no;.
  • How to predict human behavior with accuracy.
  • How to create unlimited demand for your products or services.
  • The motivating forces that drive humans.
  • How to change your products or services, so people will insist that they buy from you.
  • How genes influence your clients' behavior, so you can pull their genetic strings.
  • The secrets of writing powerful copy.
  • 3 key magical questions that will let you know another person's values instantly.
  • The 21st century covert hypnosis model.
  • How to build rapport, identify the driving needs and wants of others, and understand how and why your client buys.
  • The most powerful law of selling persuasion based on scientific research.
  • How to get your clients out of the mistakes of the past.
  • Secret ingredients of covert hypnosis
  • Specific words and phrases that yield amazing results in gaining compliance.
  • How to reframe problems into opportunities.
  • And many more!

Communication and Body Language Secrets I've Shared Only with the Biggest Companies!

With this hypnotic technology, you get to be a master of unconscious communication.

Unconscious communication is the sending and receiving of verbal and non-verbal communication as it is perceived by the unconscious mind. It is that part of our thinking that we are aware of at any given moment. It's always there, always paying attention and always communicating.

In fact, the way you look, smell, your posture, your movements, what you wear, and how you speak can unconsciously affect how other people treat you.

In my book, you'll discover the most astounding communication and body language secrets, including:

  • How to change the way someone looks at something, so you can alter how they feel about that exact same thing.
  • How I read US President Bill Clinton's body language to determine if he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.
  • Key rules in seating location for maximum compliance.
  • How to accurately interpret and make effective eye contact. When your eyes become larger or blinks repeatedly, what does that mean?
  • How to look and send the right message, at the right time, with your eyes to make yourself look more attractive to people.
  • How to look into your client's eyes and instantly know whether they like you or not.
  • Body language that turns women on.
  • How to know if a person is excited, frightened, attentive, aroused, or turned on by looking into their eyes.
  • How to make a good impression with your partner through body language.
  • How brown-eyed and blue-eyed people's personalities are perceived.
  • How to know if someone is lying through their eyes.
  • How to make your client fall in love with you even before you say a single word.
  • How perfume or cologne can affect your sales.
  • 20 tips to look "perfect" for your client. Exceptional advice on how to dress, wedding ring, fingernails, eyeglasses, weight, beard, make-up, teeth, hair length, shoes, jewelry, etc.
  • 10 Do's and Don'ts of shaking hands.
  • The most powerful nonverbal process you can use on an audience to entice them to buy your product.
  • How to make presentations to groups
  • 29 body language points to make your sales soar.
  • 10 vital laws of unconscious communication.
  • And many more!

Will Will Your New Skills Work In Any Situation?

If you use the hidden influences to convince someone to do something that cannot benefit from your idea, product or service, you will not develop the long-term relationships that are necessary for success in business and life.

Other than that, this book will show you how to eliminate the competition, if necessary. The power to overthrow your competition is in your hands right now.

Using the tools in this book, you'll be able to read minds. You'll know what program is running in their minds anytime, and see what strings; are in play and ready to be pulled.

Your confidence will soar! People will beg you to sell your products to them, because you know how to magnify and satisfy their desires.

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Free 1-Year Subscription to the Coffee with Kevin Hogan Weekly Newsletterr (Value: $97.00)

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"Your Coffee is fantastic...;

"Your 'Coffee' is fantastic--thanks for producing it each week. I feel like I start the week 'sharpening the saw,' as Covey would say. Thanks for acting on your talent and sharing it with others.

-- Daniel Kriss, Director of Marketing, McKendree College, Lebanon, IL

Bonus #2

Covert Hypnosis: Changing Their Beliefs From No to Yes (Value: $47.00)

This 30-minute audio answers your most burning questions about how to use hypnotic persuasion to cause people to change their beliefs so they respond positively instead of negatively to you.

Bonus #3

Influences Best Kept Secret (Value: $47.00)

This 30-minute audio reveals what no one knows about hypnotic persuasion, one except you.

Bonus #4

Questions that Cause the Illusion of Control (Value: $97.00)

In this 27-minute audio recording, you will discover the secrets to a little known secret of hypnotic persuasion. How do you cause the other person to believe that they have control of themself, others, and the environment.

(Extra Special) Bonus #5

The Advantage You Have Because They Don't Know What you Think (Value: $27.00)

Most influencers are so concerned about persuading the other person, they forget that the other person has no idea what you... are thinking, are feeling, are wondering, are fearful of. And because they never think about it, you don't control 50% of the conversation; you control all of it. This 32-minute audio shows you how to utilize this little known secret to your advantage.

  • What is unconscious influence?
  • How is it used to help people?
  • Can it be used maliciously?
  • How can one identity and protect against malicious attempts?
  • Many more!

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